Nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds. 9:29. That’s how long Derek Chauvin kneeled on the neck of George Floyd, killing him slowly, as he called for his mother, and echoed the words that we heard leave the mouth of Eric Garner seven years ago. Still, the inability to breathe has long…

Illustration Credit: Author Unknown; Taken from Twitter

There is a kind of silence, and that is the silence of saying her name. The silence that surrounds Black women killed by police violence is deafening. Even as a Black woman, aware of the omnipresent threat of violence, when it comes to sharing the names of those who have…

For the moment you need a reminder.

Black girl, your name is not synonymous with angry.

Nor is it kin to aggressive, eggshells, loud, dominant, rude — or any of the words they use to describe your fire.

This is the first thing.

Black girl, you do not have to…

Black mother cries for Black son.

Holds his perfect newborn body in her arms and promises the full force of her love and protection for all the days of his life.

Black son grows out of his mother’s arms.

Still in reach of her love but beyond her protection.


For centuries, we have watched the slaughter of Black bodies, while most of the world stands unblinking as though encaptivated and properly entertained, and others have merely closed their eyes. The introduction of modern technology has not made it any more visible per se — ask the dozens of those…

Felicia A. Henry

LMSW. PhD. Student, Sociology. Studying criminal justice, social vulnerability & disasters. Twitter: @_graced4this | Website:

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